Conversations with the Masters of Advertising, with forewords by Keith Reinhardt, Marcello Serpa and Joe Pytka. What are the great ads we can learn from? The ones that were considered great when they were done, and are still considered great now. And the people who did them. Why and how they did them, how they wrote them and what they can teach us. If you ask 30 of the most influential people in the media, world-wide, whatever you wanted, imagine how much you could learn. Of course you couldn’t get to speak to all these people yourself. No problem, Hermann Vaske asked them all the questions you would have asked yourself.
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:

by Hermann Vaske
dgv - Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin
Published September 2001
Paperback, 377 pages
ISBN: 3931126692
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.

von Hermann Vaske
dgv - Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin
erschienen September 2001
Taschenbuch, 377 Seiten
ISBN: 3931126676
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„Standing shoulder to shoulder in the book are such world leaders in the creative field as Tim Delaney, Paul Arden, Lee Clow, Marcello Serpa, John Hegarty, Joe Pytka, Wim Wenders, Hugh Hugson, Alan Parker, Ridley Scott and Dennis Hopper."

„Standing on The Shoulders Of Giants profiles the biggest names in advertising, ranging from Lee Clow, creator of the "1984" and "Think Different" ads for Apple, to Scott, who has directed everything from the "1984" Super Bowl commercial to feature films like Blade Runner and Gladiator."
"The masters of creative communication."

"Vaske’s interviews, which have garnered a cult following in the world of advertising, are also a good read for non-advertising people."

"Vaske asks funny questions."