The launch of the book, the TV series and the website will be celebrated with a unique event and "Why Are You Creative?" exhibition at the International Film Festival in Cannes, the most important film festival in the world. The event and the exhibition take place at the Espace Miramar in Cannes on May 15th 2002, the opening day of the Cannes Film Festival. The event is being held by the Mayor of Cannes, Bernard Brochant, and the European cultural channel ARTE and Hermann Vaske.
Several creative giants and luminaries from the various creative disciplines will be present at the event and exhibition at the Espace Miramar in Cannes, where the 365 framed "Why Are You Creative?" artworks and drawings are exhibited. In the cinema, which is part of the Espace Miramar, highlights from the ARTE TV Series will be screened.

After the exhibition in Cannes, which lasts from May 15th to June 23rd the exhibition will travel to leading museums around the world.
The "Why Are You Creative?" award is a world-wide celebration of creativity and an appeal to the forces of imagination and fantasy.

Free from any limitations, crossing borders, crossing disciplines, timezones, classes, colors and precudices the "Why Are You Creative?" award incourages world-wide creativity. The "Why Are You Creative?" award features a world-wide creative dialogue where users can contribute their own answers and drawings to the virtual "Why Are You Creative?" gallery.
A jury of creative icons and luminaries including Wim Wenders, Jean-Remy von Matt, Keith Reinhard, Dennis Hopper, Joe Pytka, Peter Gabriel, Malcolm McLaren, under the chairmanship of Hermann Vaske, honors the best and most original "Why Are You Creative?" contribution being entered by users.